Art and Melody of life is the mission statement of VIF instrument. The VIF luthiers only produce the best. Start from choosing the wood, scroll and neck, handcrafting the violin body, varnishing and until the final seting. VIF luthiers are spending all their time and spirit to handcraft the best VIF
instrument for the player.

Our luthiers vigorously follow the strict violin making process which was set up by our Italy violin maker. Our users can have a great musical playing experience due to each VIF instrument are setting accuratly by our luthiers. Such as the height of nuts, the shape odf the fingerboard and press position, the correct length of string tension and professional curved violin bridge.

We believe the quality of instrument is the key that will be directly affected our players’ performance. Therefore, we only produce the best to our players.

We hope that VIF instruments can bring the fantastic experience and wonderful memory to all our performers and audiences.